Delaware and New Jersey Public Perceptions

In both Delaware and New Jersey, a) a coastal wind project has recently become operational, b) an entity has proposed near-shore (state-waters), small-scale (six turbine) test/demonstration projects, and c) the first proposed offshore transmission line in the United States was proposed to make landfall. The three planned NJ projects are or will be located in the greater Atlantic City area, while the three Delaware projects extend from just inside Delaware Bay in the Lewes area to Indian River, thus facilitating an examination of public perceptions of local residents who may be effected by the projects. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in 2013, followed by a mail survey in 2013. The first two articles will be submitted for publication by the end of summer 2014 and an oral presentation on offshore transmission will be given at the 2014 AWEA Offshore Wind Conference. Principal Investigator is Jeremy Firestone and the lead graduate student is Alison Bates. Funded by NOAA Sea Grant. Separately, graduate student Heather Thompson is comparing visual perceptions of land-based wind and conventional coal in Delaware. That project is partially funded by First State Marine Wind, LLC. Photomontages were prepared by Macro Works.


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