As a research organization, the Center is fortunate to work with motivated and well-qualified students. The graduate students have high levels of responsibility and carry out large portions of the effort, under supervision of PhD researchers. This brings creative new minds to the research and development effort.

At the same time, we are training the next generation of professionals — they study the theory, work with industry, are involved in writing law and implementing policy, teach, give demonstrations and lectures about new clean technologies, and sometimes write draft law or advance new policies. They are learning the science, engineering and policy–and working within the economy and the political process–to build a carbon-free society for the future.  

Current students

Richard Bowers – (matriculated into PhD, Marine Policy in 2014) obtained both a Bachelor in Economics and a Masters in the Economics of Policy Analysis from University of Maryland Baltimore County. Richard currently works for the U.S. Energy Information Administration where he manages onshore and offshore wind policy and projections through 2050, state level renewable portfolio standards, and renewable energy tax policies for the EIA Annual Energy Outlook. Currently he is expanding upon his master’s work which focused on learning by doing effect in U.S. domestic onshore wind operations have impacted historical generation to better project future generation.

Katie Diaz (matriculated into MS, Geological Sciences in 2018) obtained a B.S. in Geology from the University of Delaware and worked for two years in the Geoscience Research and Support section of the New Jersey Geological Survey focusing on offshore sand resource allocation and near surface geophysical projects. Her master’s work is on the geotechnical aspects of offshore wind turbine foundations with particular focus on the applicability of suction caisson base installations off the coast of Delaware and Maryland.

Maryam Golbazi (Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, Fall 2017 – present) Maryam has completed B.S in Architectural Engineering and a M.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  As a bachelor’s student, she worked on sustainable and green architectural designs. In her Master’s, she continued her research on modeling energy consumption in buildings using the BIM method in order to reach the maximum energy efficiency and comfort in buildings. She has published three papers about the LEED healthcare facilities, and factors on energy efficiency of residential buildings in the U.S. Maryam is now working towards a Ph.D in Ocean Engineering. As a member of the AERG, she is working with Dr. Cristina Archer on pollution transport in East Coast U.S. She is modeling the transport of pollutants, specifically ozone, with natural processes by utilizing WRF and CAMx. Her LinkedIn:

Sara Parkison (matriculated into PhD, Marine Policy in 2017). As Senior Policy Analyst with the Electric Vehicle Research & Development Group within the University of Delaware’s Center for Research in Wind, Sara’s policy work emphasizes the integration of renewable energy coupled with enhanced grid flexibility through the deployment of distributed energy resources in the form of storage, including grid-integrated vehicle systems. Her doctoral research focuses on multi-scalar regulatory policy development in energy system transitions. She received her BA in Political Science and Public Policy at St. Mary’s Public Honors College of Maryland. 

Megan Rowe (matriculated, 2015, in Marine Policy).  Meghan is working on her Master’s of Marine Policy. She is undertaking a quantitative study of factors such as existence of renewable portfolio standards and greenhouse gas tradeable permit regimes that lead states to generate renewable energy within their state boundaries.

Winston Sichen Wu (Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, Summer 2016 – present)

Samantha Bingaman (matriculated in M.P.P, Marine Policy 2019) obtained her B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2017. She works with the Center for Research in Wind at the University of Delaware with major advisor Dr. Jeremy Firestone, exploring longitudinal attitude shifts regarding the Block Island Wind Project in Rhode Island. She is also working with Dr. George Parsons’ team, understanding coastal Delawareans’ attitudes toward offshore wind power with stated choice experiments.

Hannah-Marie Garcia (matriculated in 2019, Master’s in Marine Policy). Hannah-Marie earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Sewanee, the University of the South in 2019. In her thesis, focused on the importance of documenting and understanding cultural values surrounding
whaling practices in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Hannah-Marie used ethnographic research methods and GIS mapping to evaluate community perceptions and values of whaling practices. Hannah-Marie is currently working on improving the engagement of offshore wind power with Native
American Tribes. By using semi-structured interviews, policy analysis, and content analysis, her research is intended to enhance understanding of tribal engagement practices and foster more collaborative decision-making essential for the transition to a more sustainable and energy-efficient society in the United States.

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